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Dr. Grimaldi observed how he finds it so fascinating that the founders of this association had the wisdom to establish a framework within which it could grow. He believes quite firmly that their philosophy of life and consequent action facilitated the means that enabled Lions Clubs International to become the largest service club organization in the world. They demonstrated the need for respect for one another and the crucial personal recognition that, because one has gained materially in this world, one is morally obligated to give something back to others, to one's community, to society. Observes Dr. Grimaldi: "This is life as it should be. This is Solidarity !"
"This is our message and we should repeat it to others, to whoever passes our way."

The problem Dr. Grimaldi sees is how to communicate Lions' message. He insists that we cannot stay just within ourselves, but must overcome our limits. He offers an example: if one lives his life as a Lion confined by the borders of his own club, he is not a complete Lion. He is not communicating, not giving on an international basis which constitutes the structure of this association.

Pino in India
Dr. Grimaldi is certain that by communicating the ideals and the objectives Lions are attempting to achieve, this all-important message that Lions everywhere are trying to make the world ore acceptable, more livable for everyone will be delivered.

The defense of human life is of supreme significance to Dr. Grimaldi as a goal of Lions worldwide. As evidence that this was in the minds of the founders, he offers the first object of Lions Clubs International: to create and foster a spirit of understanding among the people of the world. This, he states, has never changed.

"We give our assistance and sympathy to the weak and our substance to the needy. How, how," he insists, "can anyone refuse such a philosophy?! We complain that our membership is not as it should be, that we have difficulty attracting new members. Perhaps we can solve this by explaining - by communicating - to others our magnificent philosophy, by telling potential Lions what the nucleus of Lions Clubs International really is. Can any reasonable person turn away from it? If we communicate our philosophy, we will then have a membership problem? Surely, enjoying pleasant meetings and dinners and all the social amenities of being a Lion is fin, but to really be a Lion goes beyond that. Explain to others how the essence of our philosophy requires that we give of ourselves, and give generously, on behalf of suffering humanity. People with a social conscience will want to become Lions."

He offers an example of how he personally enabled one other individual to recognize the meaning of this philosophy. It began when poor weather forced his Japan-bound flight to have a stop-over in Alaska. There in the hotel he met a man, a non-Lion, who after speaking to him about the Lions, expressed surprise at what they represented and all they have accomplished. He knew of the local Lions and they were not, he said, all that active.
Bombay Lions school
A few months later Dr. Grimaldi received a letter from this man saying that he had become a member in his own community and thanking him for the opportunity that was not his before, the opportunity to join with others in answering community needs. "He said that he no longer felt alone trying to carry out his civic duties. He eventually was elected club president and his letter expressed what I had already known, that no individual should feel alone, whether a person in need or a an individual dedicated to ideals represented by this association."

"Lions must" he continues, "demonstrate their solidarity in such a way that both physical and social needs are met. It is in the field of social needs, however that we most assuredly can make a great impact in giving substance to this solidarity. As an example, family life is not as it was. The cohesion, the solidarity, between generations has weakened. Television and movies are partly to blame for this breakdown because of the violence and negative aspects of life they show. We need to open another door for young people to depict the good that exists and advise them on how they can be a part of working on its behalf. Through our social action programs, we, the Lions of the world, can demonstrate how the good and positive aspects of life can be expanded once people become aware of the need for solidarity of philosophy, ideals and action.

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