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"The future of this association" observes pas president Dr. Grimaldi, "is limited to the capacity of Lions to understand what exactly society is demanding of us." What, in his opinion are these demands ?

Once rural communities were the focus of Lions, but now metropolitan areas have taken center stage in regards to generating conditions that call for immediate attention. "These areas are overcrowded" he says, "and one of the demands is how may I, living in a metropolitan area, find a little room, a little space, for myself ?"

"But" he cautions, and this applies to the goals ideals of Lions, "let us all remember that life is more than having breakfast , lunch, dinner, a job, family and friends. Human beings must create, must make something, otherwise it is not life. And there is more. I should have a clean environment, no criminality, good representative government, assurance that I can do something about my government and living conditions and that I should not have to see or know of people becoming blind or dying for lack of vitamin capsule or because there is no potable water."
Pino in Africa for an humanitarian mission
"People should not be dying in conflicts, fueled by senseless hatred in so many places throughout the world. Recently, I was in Lebanon and asked people, intelligent people, why there was so much fighting and killing, and they simply said they didn't know. They had no answer. Incredible!"

"It is the duty of every Lions Club" he continues, "to remind government leaders of the responsibility they have to the welfare of their citizens. This is not becoming involved in politics. Not at all! Lions must operate on a higher level. We must be the moral conscience of society. Each Lions Club needs to be the humanitarian point of reference in its community and, when necessary, act as an ombudsman, a mediator, between the citizens and the government. It is our responsibility because of our stature in the community to defend those who are being ignored by the government. In this way, Lions Clubs will reinforce the solidarity that must, simply must, exist between the government and the people they represent. This is our role; this is our duty as a humanitarian organization."

Furthermore, Dr. Grimaldi views action in this manner as an excellent way to build membership. He is confident that such involvement will attract potential Lions, men and women who want to be leaders in their communities, people who wish to be part of this moral conscience. This relationship a Lions Club has with the local government and with leaders in every field will prove to be, Dr. Grimaldi believes, a great inducement for an individual who wishes to be assured that "I am the maker of the future of my community."

This direct involvement in the improvement of the human condition is, according to past president Dr. Grimaldi, graphically illustrated in SightFirst and he promises uncompromising support and promotion of this monumental program to conquer blindness. It is a key, he believes, with which Lions can unlock the gateway that will allow all to join in a solidarity of purpose, a solidarity of commitment to achieve a single objective.

He also recognizes this solidarity in the association's new Youth Outreach program. "We need to give our young people" he says, "confidence in themselves, the desire and the means to be good citizens and, of great importance, the confidence in knowing they can help mold the future of their communities, their countries and the world. This is what Lions must realize they are capable of achieving."
Pino as African King
Past president Dr. Grimaldi is confident that lions Clubs can, in fact, be maker of the future and points of reference in their communities. Their potential for effective civic leadership will be the bridge for solidarity between governmental bodies and the people they represent.

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