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"My international involvement began in 1968 when I was district governor" he says. "Since that year I have attended every Europa Forum and international convention, participation that has further enlightened me to the crucial importance of solidarity among the Lions of the world. I was privileged to serve as an international director in 1972-74 during the presidential terms of George Friedrichs and Tris Coffin." 
In 1972-73 he was a member of the Major Activities Committee and of the Long Range Planning Committee in 1973-74. In 1973-74 he was also chairman of the Major Activities Committee. 

"In 1976" he relates, " I offered my name as a candidate for third international vice president and was soundly defeated by my good friend Lloyd Morgan of New Zealand. I wasn't disappointed, of course, because I accepted the democratic vote of the delegates and vowed even more sincerely to work on behalf of the global aims of this association.

Also, and this was extremely important to me, the outcome of this election helped me to understand still more clearly what being a member of the family of Lions Clubs International really means.
ON THE NET - WE SERVE We were all advancing towards the same objective - together - and this is what is truly important, then and now."

Dr. Giuseppe Grimaldi, served as President of the International Association of Lions Club after his election at the association's 77th annual convention, held in Phoenix, Arizona, USA, July 12-15 1994.

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