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With his year as international president, Dr. Grimaldi knew his life as a Lion would consume even more time than usual and consequently retired from his positions at Enna General Hospital.

Still, no matter how hectic his schedule, there's time for his family, for reading and for music.

His personal library contains more than 5'000 volumes, countless numbers of which are medical works, of course, related to his profession. Many others pertain to his history, his favorite subject and reading these while listening to classical music is a pleasant way for him to escape for a time from the frenzy that often surrounds him.

Promoting the need for solidarity among Lions of the world has been the keystone for Dr. Grimaldi's Presidency year, a year he envisioned as, indeed, solidifying the assurance among the association's 1'400'000 members that their clubs are, indeed, the "moral conscience of society."

Pino and Ariane
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